RE: Format Email body, place attached file at the end of the body text

The following image shows the results of running my automatic script. As displayed below, the
excel file is at the beginning of the email. I want to have the file attached to the end of the
email. Is there any option to identify where the attached file gets placed on the email?.
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Monica Chavez
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From: “IgorM” To: , Date: 06/17/2013 11:34 PM Subject: RE: [Toad Data Point - Discussion Forum] Format Email body, place attached file at the end of te body text I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you saying that you want
to include the contents of the Excel file with the results at the end of the email body in
addition to having this excel file as an attachment?

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Sorry, I deleted the image. It’s below. Not sure how or why (still investigating), but the image got stored in the product’s video gallery


Hi Monica,

Where the attachment is placed is going to depend on your E-Mail program. In your case, Lotus Notes is deciding where to put the attachment in the message and it may be different depending on which E-Mail program your recipient uses. You might try creating a Toad Report with the data and exporting it to HTML and then you can use the HTML as the body of your message.

Debbie Peabody has a series of blog entries you can find here:…/default.aspx that may be helpful in working with Automation.