Attachement not attached when e-mail is sent

I have an automation script which generates a file and then attaches it to an e-mail message and sends to an e-mail address. Task is scheduled and runs as needed, file is created to folder but file is missing from e-mail as attachment. I have more then one script running (weekly) and some work. Oddly, the file gets created for all automation scripts, but 1 or 2 each week send the e-mail with NO file attached. I get no errors and when I re-schedule the task for a single send the file attaches everytime. I am going in to the automation script and deleting the file, selecting a file and saving the script before re-scheduling to run. Is there a bug? I am on

Turn on verbose logging for all of your scripts and have this attached to an email. When an automation script does not add the attachment please send me the log file along with the Automation Script and all dependent files. You can send to