Re: formatter question

A few points to note:

-- You can still use a True Type font and be fixed-width ("monospaced").
Courier New is a TTF and is definitely fixed-width. After comparing several
fonts for usability, I use Lucida Console.

-- MS Word and many other word processors can define tabs in
inches/cm/points/etc. Toad's MOE and every other text editor I've used are
designed to use monospaced typefaces and therefore use a simpler character
count instead. If I could use MOE as my MS Lookout email composer, I

ENH-REQ: Has it been requested before to have Toad filter out proportional
spaced fonts? If not, then I will!

Rich -- [TeamTypeface]

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When I copy the formatted text from Toad and paste it intoWord in Courier
font, and then switch the font to Arial, it still lines up the same, so
Word seems to handle tabs and variable width fonts differently than Toad.
Switching the tab widths and changing the font to Courier makes
everything line up nice in Toad. Thanks for the info!

Dunbar, Norman wrote:

PS. Rich should chime in any time soon, he loves font related threads!