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RE: Toad : Slow response in "open" dialogbox on syncronised folder


Hi Torrek,

Try turning off “Use Universal Naming Convention (UNC) for file and folder names” under “Files -> General” in the Options window:

The dialog is set to open the last folder in which a file was opened / saved. However, Toad will automatically convert that folder path to a UNC path if it’s
a network folder and this option is checked. On local networks, this shouldn’t be a problem; however, if accessing across VPN, this could cause the dialog to slow down as Windows attempts to enumerate network resources over a VPN connection. Unchecking this
option should allow the dialog to open back to the mapped drive, rather than the UNC path.

Note: You’ll have to first open a file from the mapped drive in order for this to take effect. Toad will remember the last path a file was opened and use
that. It will not convert a UNC path back to a mapped drive.


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Toad : Slow response in “open” dialogbox on syncronised

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In the previous version 11.6, the dialogbox is opening fast, and showin the files from the lokal stored folder.

In version it seems to open the UNC path from where the folder is originated.

When I’m on a WAN, through VPN, it depends on how big capasity I have to the internet.

Think this is a step bacck from the previous version…



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Hi John! Thanks for quick answer [:)]

I still get slow response from my syncronised folder. It is not a mapped folder, but a favourite under WIN7’s “Favourite folders/shortcuts”. When I choose to “work offline” on this folder in windows explorer, Toad should get the data from my lokal disk, and not from the network location. That is “de facto” in the previous version of Toad.

For the record:

I get the same response when I’m on WLAN/LAN at work.



My colleagues and I are experiencing the same issues. Toad “hangs” for 10-20 seconds when opening the save or open dialog boxes. Also on version

It only freezes when the default folder (i.e. the last saved location) is on a network drive - now when it’s on a local drive. Other applications don’t freeze when opening save dialog boxes in the same location.

It’s absolutely infuriating, as we need to use the network location to save our work.

It looks like it’s related to either the file preview (although it still freezes when preview is turned off) or the newly-added left hand sidebar. Is Toad running some kind of index on the files or folders in the default location when I open the dialog box?