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RE: Toad 12 - Is Help > Toad World > Forums considered a Window or a Desktop Panel ?

Hi Michael,

The Toadworld Forum pane is considered a desktop panel, but it is part of the main Toad desktop, not the Editor desktop that you are referencing below (Editor
R-click). You will also find “Forums” listed in the view menu with the other dockable Toad panels.

You can customize your main Toad desktop, just R-click on Toad’s menu and unhide the “Desktop” toolbar. From here you can configure different named layouts
for all dockable windows in the View menu (docked, pinned, unpinned, size, location, etc.)

I hope this helps.

As of the p.s. part… I will leave that for someone else, but I agree that editing enhancements could be made here. We welcome this kind of feedback since
the forums functionality in Toad is still in its infancy.



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Subject: [Toad for Oracle - Discussion Forum] Toad 12 - Is Help > Toad World > Forums considered a Window or a Desktop Panel ?

Toad 12 - Is Help > Toad World > Forums considered a Window
or a Desktop Panel ?

Thread created by MichaelA

Toad 12: Difference Editor “Desktop Panel” vs Toad “Window” ?

Is the resulting
ToadWorld Forumpane” after selecting Help > Toad World

Forums considered a Toad Window or an Editor Desktop Panel ?

Wondering if it should it be configurable within :


Editor right-click context Desktop submenu

OR 2)
Editor right-click context Desktop submenu < **Configure Desktop Layout…**dialog ?

Thanks in advance.


It would be great if some common keyboard shortcut were enabled by default within the
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Thanks for the response Brad.

I wasn’t aware there were Toad-level (vs Editor-level) desktop panels.

However, after reading your response and much clicking around, it still seems the only means I’m able to access the Desktop Panels dialog is with the two methods (within an Editor window) as described in my original message.

Sorry if I’m being dense.

Would appreciate any further guidance you might have to define the default Dock Site (Bottom, Top, Left, Right) for the Configure Desktop Layout.

Thanks again.