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RE: Toad crashes,select a column with option "STORE AS SECUREFILE BINARY XML"

I keep getting emails for this forum, but I am not setup to get notifications from TOAD. Can anyone tell me how to stop receiving these messages?

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Subject: [Toad for Oracle - Discussion Forum] Toad crashes,select a column with option “STORE AS SECUREFILE BINARY XML”

Toad crashes,select a column with option "STORE AS SECUREFILE

Thread created by kevin.martins

When i execute a sql statement like: select xml from some_table

I get this error

Access violation at address 000000001D79AECD in module ‘OraOCIEI11.dll’. Read of address 0000000000000010

When I repeat the query, toad crashes completely

Note that xml is a binary xmltype. (STORE AS SECUREFILE BINARY XML)

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First, make sure you’re logged in, and then select “Forum” from the navigation icons on the group that you’re getting the emails from. Next, look in the right-column and click on “Email Unsubscribe from Forum”.