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The 15.1 Beta is now available!


  1. Install version 15.0 if you haven't yet.
  2. Remove your 15.0 beta.
  3. Install the 15.1 beta.


Change Log

The biggest news is coming soon!

So not fair to tease like that! :wink:


:smiley: Got any guesses?

Uggg...with pre-dawn global meetings and not enough caffeine to make a lucid guess, I'll generically say "something Cloudy". :smiley:

In this beta selecting XMLTYPE column gives:
ORA-30757: cannot access type information

I don't get that error.

  • Which Oracle client version are you using?
  • Can you run the following, export to Insert statements, and email to me?
select x.schema.getClobval() 
from   dba_xml_schemas x;

If you need to return to 15.0's handling of XMLType, you can do this:

  1. Close Toad
  2. Edit Toad.ini and add this under [SETTINGS]: UseNativeXMLType=0
  3. Save Toad.ini and restart Toad.

If needed, follow this link for instructions on locating Toad.ini.

Regarding guesses, I'm also going with cloud config and back-up, or maybe dark mode?

Unrelated to TOAD, for a laugh go check the comments on the dark mode "bug" for mySQL Workbench, now eight years old and reading more like a NSFW political argument than a technical issue. (Personally I love a dark mode anywhere I can get it, though).

Edit: Shoulda known I'd be asked for it, here's the source. Or just one, there are multiple requests all marked duplicate. Also, only a couple of recent commenters get nsfw ugly, mostly it's polite but amusingly persistent along the lines of "are we there, yet?":

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That's pretty funny.

Problem was with Client vers. Newer 18.5 works fine.
I sent e-mail with more info.