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We have created some Oracle Object and Collection Types, e.g
CREATE TYPE my_type_set AS TABLE OF my_type;
Using TDM (and also tried I can’t see how to Reverse Engineer these into my model.



Hello Malcolm,

During RE, the types are loaded to TDM among User Data Types.
Default behavior is the following:
TDM loads only the types that are used in the tables that are being loaded during the RE. So, if you want to load all types, open the RE Wizard, page Options and clear the checkbox “Load User Types Used in Relational Tables Only”.

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka,

That does work but … I get all the types for all schemas



Hello Malcolm,

Yes, unfortunately, it is not possible load only the types for the selected schema. Either the types of the selected tables or all types from all schemas will be loaded.

Anyway, one more thing that might help a little: Try to select checkbox “Don’t Load Objects from Some System Users/Schemas” not to load the types from system schemas.


Vladka + TDM Team


Thanks Vladka,

I feel some more customisation coming on…

I’ve tweaked my customised RE script to just get types for the connected schema.



Hi Malcolm,

I’m happy to inform you that this issue has been resolved for the upcoming TDM v. 3.5.10.


Reverse Engineering
It is possible to load only user types that lie in the same schema/user as the selected tables.
On page Options in the Reverse Engineering Wizard, see the new checkbox Load User Types Only from Users/Schemas of Selected Tables.

Note: User types of other users/schemas will be loaded during RE provided that the user type is used directly in any of the loaded tables.

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Vladka + TDM Team