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Toad Data Point 3.3 Read Only Install

Is there a better source of information on what constitutes a “Read only” install for Toad Data Point - specifically what actions are allowed, and what aren’t?

I had an automation script fail over the weekend that connects to SQL Server 2008 R2 because one of the variable activities used a DECLARE statement to create and set a SQL-server session parameter - apparently DECLARE isn’t allowed when the install is Read-only (which doesn’t make much sense to me).

Also, is there an easier way to switch between “Read only” and “Full” without having to uninstall and reinstall?

I think we check only for DML statements (update/delete/insert) in read-only mode. Could you please send us the script so we could look at the issue?

Unfortunately you should re-install the product to turn off the “Read only”.

There isn’t much to show - this was the exact piece that it was rejecting:


Is there somewhere in the Data Point installation file somewhere to show how it was packaged/installed?

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