Rearrange Output Variables in Pivot

I'm using the Workbook UI with a series of pivot tables, and am wondering if there is a way reorder the output values? Example working with student data, my order comes out Freshman, Junior, Senior, Sophomore rather than the expected Fr, So, Jr, Sr. Or does all this rearranging have to occur outside of Toad?

I was hoping to do as much formatting within Toad as possible to avoid mismatching labels with values.


Does your string categories of Fr, So, Jr, Sr, etc have a numerical key column. If so, you can add a sort on that column in your query. of course those numbers would have to give you the sorting that you want. Your sorting sequence of Fr, So, Jr, Sr. Does not follow alphabetical sorting.

Thank you Debbie. No, I don't have a numerical column associated with those values, because I didn't need one in the past (using Hyperion/Brio or Excel).

Drat! It looks like I've got a lot of xwalk tables to create - something I was desperately trying to avoid.

Thanks anyway.

You can put this request in the idea pond and see if others vote for the enhancement.