Automation Designer: Same Excel, Different Columns

Hello all! I hope you're doing well!
I have spent some time trying to do this, but I couldn't find an answer.
I am using Toad 12.9 and I have successfully made an Automation that will run 20 queries, which is way better than running one time each and then manually copy/paste to my spreadsheet.
However, is there an option to output the data to a specific column?
That would shorten the process even more!
Right now I am sending the output of each query to a different csv and then I use powershell to merge them all.
Thanks in advance!

Sorry, there is no way to direct output to start at a specific column.

No issues! I can get over that with powershell.
however, I am now struggling with something that might be basic.
This Automation is intended to generate a specific report for many different places.
The issue is that opening each dataset and setting up the place name is an also tiring process.
I have tried creating a variable and reusing it inside the dataset, but I wasn't able.
What am I supposedly doing wrong?


1 - Create variable and setup its value
2 - edit the dataset and put the variable instead of the place name.
I have tried
But neither of them works...
Any ideas?
Thanks again!

In newer versions of Toad, you can use a list iterator for this kind of thing. There was a bug in 12.9 in that the value substitution in the SQL did not happen properly. Version 14.1 comes out tomorrow - maybe a good time to upgrade?

So, automation designer would look like this:

The List Iterator would contain a list of the values:

The export dataset action can reference the list iterator value in file name

...and sql

I just tested this in version 14.1 to confirm it works there.

Thanks a lot, John!
I THINK that I'll need to find another way, unfortunately.
Our policies are severe and I don't think upgrading will be doable, at least for now...
And I have made a mistake. We're using, not 12.9.
But thanks a lot! I'll talk to them if there's a possibility of upgrading in the near future.
Thanks again, John!
Have a nice day!