Pivot sorting on Data Column

In the pivot grid I see where I can sort on Row but I don't see how to sort on Data column. I often want to sort alphabetically on Row(IE: Client Name) and then sort descending on particular data column. I don't see how to do this. Is there a way? Or can this be added?

I don't really see that as a work around. It is an important issue that Hyperion Brio can do and Toad cannot. The expectation is that the two products work the same in key areas. I am starting to make a list of these issues. I will be rolling out over a hundred conversions from Brio to Toad Workbook and have to explain these differences to the end users. We will see how well these differences go over.

Note: The order of Rows is not what is important in this case. Often when you pivot you want to see the value of the highest column descending. The sequence of rows does not matter. The sequence of one particular data column is what the whole pivot is about. It is very hard on the eyes/brain to sift through unsorted data.