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Where can you define / change the path to this information?


To michael.snyder:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

The “File -> Recent Files” dropdown is appended with the file when:

  • The file is saved through Toad.
  • The file is opened with Toad.

This information is stored in the Application Data Directory’s Settings.xml file. (ie: C:\Users\michaelsnyder\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 3.7\Settings.xml).

How to change the Recent Files entry manually

  1. Open the settings.xml file in your favorite text editor
  2. Find the chunk with all your recent files
  3. Modify individual values to your satisfaction.

    Note that files that don’t exist will not show in Toad and will be removed from the xml file upon toad shutdown.

Software Developer I,

  • Joshua Liong