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Recover Sql Recall History


I am using Toad for Oracle I had SQL Recall set to save 500 queries. I need to recover a sql prior to the earliest one that is returned. Is this possible? If so, how to I go about it?
Thanks in advance


This isn’t possible. SQL Recall will only store up to the 500 entries you’ve specified. When a new item is added if the number of statements is already at 500 then the oldest statement is purged, permanently.


Couple things to think about. Saved SQL (previous Toad versions called this “Named SQL”) are kept in an XML file.

  1. If you exported your Saved/Named SQL in the past, the SQL entry you seek may be in that export file.

  2. If you upgraded your Toad installation, you may still have a previous SavedSQL.xml file from the older Toad version. Check for it in Toad’s “UserFiles” appdata directory.
    For example, my SavedSQL.XML file is located in this directory (username changed to protect… well…yeah)
    C:\Users\“myuser”\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.1\User Files

Hope this helps.