Reinstalling Toad on a new computer

I want to bring over my history of recent queries along with personal and named queries from the previous computer and I thought that was stored in SavedSQL.dat within the User Files directory but when I copied that over to the new computer and relaunched Toad, I still only see the history from the new installation. Where is the contents of “SQL Recall” stored in the file system, so that I can bring it forward from my old computer?

Thanks in advance,


What version of toad is on your previous computer and what version is on your
new one?

The old one was 10.5 and the new version is 10.6.

So I think that means you’re good to go!

On your 10.5 machine, open your options

Find the Application Data Directory option

Then grab the sql recall file, which is SAVEDSQL.DAT copy it to the
corresponding directory on the new machine – with Toad closed on the new
machine. Start up your new toad, the queries should be there.

Great, thanks much. I had been looking in the wrong place in terms of assumptions about where the user files were maintained.