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SQL Recall statements - saved where?


I am currently using Toad 13.1, but the sql in SQL Recall from previous version is not there. Where is this data from sql recall saved? I can’t find it in the User Files folder.


What version of Toad did you upgrade from?


Upgraded from version 13.0


What happened is I noticed I had been using the shortcut to 13.0 rather than 13.1 for some time and now want to copy/move sql recall from 13.0 over to 13.1


You can import your 13.0 statements into 13.1 using the Import button on the toolbar. On the SQL Recall panel’s toolbar click this button…


Select the SavedSQL.xml file from your 13.0 User Files folder. Its default location is… %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.0\User Files\SavedSQL.xml

You can select to append them to the statements you already have or replace.


Found the saved xml file and copied to 13.1 folder.
Cant find the import button, even after reverting to defaults.