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Recreate of Sequences


In the current beta there is no possibility to recreate the sequences to change the next value

In the release version 13.1, there is a popup menu for that.


well, that didn’t take long. I was hoping to be able to get rid of that. An easy workaround is go to the script tab, get the drop/create script, and run it in the editor.

Be sure to choose the “start with minval” option, and include grants.

I’ll add back a way to do this in the “alter sequence” window.


Next beta, you can double-click the sequence from schema browser to open the “alter sequence” window, then check “Reset” and OK.


Unfortunately, this does not help me, because I do not have to reset the sequencings but have to set to a certain initial value.

That was quite easy so far and now this function should not exist anymore.



I just removed it because it didn’t seem very important. I guess I was wrong about that. I can bring it back like before. That’s why I do these things early in the beta cycle. :blush:


OK, it’s back again for next beta. I’ve reworked it a bit so that it uses the create/alter dialog in a new “drop/create” mode. We could now easily apply this idea to other object types if needed.


The menu item is back, but it does not work correctly. The sequences always start with 0