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Referencing entities in multiple models in a project

I’ve been using models for some time, but am familiarizing myself with the “project” concept in TDM. What are the implications of breaking my “large” database project into smaller models? For example, create a “parties” model and a “products” model. They would both end up in the same database once everything is generated.

I realize I could put all party and product entities in a single model and then use workspaces to visually differentiate, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to break the larger end-result into an intermediary “model” level. The product and party models are largely independent of each other, with a few exceptions which would require foreign keys across models (e.g., the “supplier” [party model] table for a product [product model] table).

Obviously I can do this, but can I reference entities from another model within the same project? i don’t see a way to do this in the interface, which makes me wonder if I’m missing the whole concept of projects and model subdivision. Any thoughts would be great!

Hi Eric,

Projects were introduced as a feature that should help you to keep model with SQL scripts, reports, naming conventions etc. in one logical group. Projects can also be used for storing files to versioning system (SVN).

Currently, it is not possible to make links from one model to another. Similar functionality is planned.




I would like to know if is it possible to do this with the current version (5.4 OR 5.5Beta) ?


Hi there,

Referencing objects across multiple models in a project is not possible yet. It seems there is not a request for this feature in the Idea Pond yet, so feel free to describe the functionality you would like to have and add it there!