Copying objects to models within projects


I have several questions with working within projects. Currently, I have several models within my project, one for each subject area, I know I could have broken them out into workspaces, but it would have made my model huge and I wasn’t sure if there was performance impacts.

  1. Is there project level objects we can create that can easily be duplicated in each model?

  2. I have categories that I would like to export or copy to other models within my project. I haven’t been able to find a way to do this. I have to keep manually creating in each of my models when I add new category and I am afraid I am going to miss adding it to one of my models since I maintain 4 of them in my project.

  3. I have a worokspace for date dim with many role playing dimensions, I want this workspace linked in every model and have any changes to one reflected in all the other models. Is this possible?

My current layout is for a data warehouse, star schema, I chose to create model per subject area, we have a lot of common dims that cross fact tables, but we also have a lot of subject areas and fact tables that aren’t related at all.

Within each model I create a workspace for each fact table. Sometimes there are 6 or more facts.

But, there are similarities among each of the models within my models (below) and there are many differences too.

  1. They should all have the same categories

  2. They all should have the same common dimensions

  3. They should all have the same date dim role playing workspace I discussed above.

My question is, would you recommend creating a project that contains a separate model per subject area or just have everything in one model? but then I guess what is the point of projects?

Is there an easy way to link categories, common workspaces, etc. like at a project level so if i change anything there it propagates to all my other models? Right now I am currently maintaining this manually and it is becoming tedious.


I think it will be useful for you read more about Gallery in TDM and External Object in TDM.

Purpose of Gallery is place there some object as patterns, that are use in more models. It can be your category. Try to open Gallery Explorer (Main Menu - Window - Gallery Explorer), Create new gallery and add one or more Category from model explorer to this gallery. It will be placed in gallery now, and you can add it to more models from gallery. Gallery can be used for some your patterns for star schema. Each Gallery Item can contain one or more objects from model.

External Object is designed for join one model to other. You can insert to your model entity from other model. In host model it will be only as read only, but you can create relations from ant to it. So it can be way how divide big model to part.

Video on External Objects

Gallery article (It is older and gallery look is now little different, but princip is still same)