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Project, Model, Workspace definitions

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but searched and did not immediately see my answer. Is there a brief explanation of what the Project, Model, Workspace items are? New to toad data modeler and these representation in the UI vs. what is on disk is very confusing. Wondering if someone could link me to a concise explanation or definitions page.

I can provide you short explanation.

  1. Model - It is picture of your database, so typiccaly one db one model. You can divide db to more models if you want. Typiccaly it is for DB where is more divided logical units.

  2. Workspace - it is just for better orientation in model. Each model contains 0-n Workspaces, but 0 workspaces is very special case and I think that it is not very usefull. On each workspace you can place a part of the all diagram. So wee can say, that in model are db objects and in workspace just graphical representation on diagrams (each object can be in 0..n workspaces).

  3. Projects - It is just wrapper of models or other files (reports, text files etc.). it is good way when you want use git or svn in TDM.

I hope it help you