Regarding Erwin Data model Installation

Hi Everyone,
I have a fresh dump of Erwin data model software but whenever i try to install it properly on my system, some unknown error encountered saying that this software isn’t compatible with your system(Windows XP).while same dump installed into other system which is also windows XP.Could you people provide me its resolution so that i could install it.

Hello Amar,

I’m not sure if you’re posting your question in the right community. Or possibly I do not understand well.

  • Do you have an ERWin model and want to import it to Toad Data Modeler 3?
    If so, please provide me with more details (if you’re user of TDM2, tried to import the ERWin model to TDM2 etc…)

If not, I’m afraid, you need to ask somewhere else.
In this community, issues of Toad Data Modeler 3 are discussed.