Relationship lines

I am using in my models right angled lines. This is a personal option, I think they look better.

Despite all the options that the product offers with regards to relationship lines (Optimal style, U style etc.), I still can’t get the lines to be the way I want easily.

Let’s say I have two linked entities, Entity1 (left) and Entity2 (right) aligned horizontally, and the line between them is horizontal and straight.

If I were to change this straight line to the U style, the application changes it from Entity1 bottom side to Entity2 left side. I don’t understand why the line doesn’t go to Entity2 bottom side, because it would look better. To summarize these styles probably were meant to make it easier for the user but they still have their quirky behavior.

Why can’t I change the connector position by dragging the black dots at the extremities of the line that appear when I click on relationship line?

Why can’t I drag the black dot on the Entity2 side on the top of Entity2? If you allow that you can get rid of some of these style options because the user would arrange the connectors the way they want.



this requirement belongs to category “frequently asked”. We consider this to be a request of higher priority, unfortunately there are some technical issues.

The reason why you cannot move the anchor point is that there is some automatic computation of connections and whenever you draw new relationship, all the anchor points are being re-calculated and re-positioned. The black box near the entity is there for another purpose - you can drag it and drop to another entity.

Thanks a lot for you feedback, we see that the manual management of relationships is very important and will improve the current functionality.