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Relationship & Trigger


My current data modeler is Erwin and I’m evaluating Toad Data Modeler.

I’d like to know if it is possible to generate triggers from the relationships instead of creating foreign key constraints.

For example, if I define a relationship with cascade delete between my_table and my_table_2, I’d like to have an auto-generated trigger such as:

create trigger [dbo].[tD_my_table] on [dbo].[my_table] for DELETE as
delete my_table_2
from my_table_2,deleted
my_table_2.fk_my_table_pk = deleted.my_table_pk

Hello Andrea,

Thank you for your interest. I’m afraid referential integrity triggers are currently not supported in Toad Data Modeler. However, you can always put your feature ideas into the Idea Pond. The most voted ideas are reviewed by the developers and most of them get implemented in future versions of Toad Data Modeler.