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I’m using MSSQL 2005 and Toad Data Modeler 2.25.
I want to genereate cascade delete triggers, but the deafault behaviour is to create AFTER DELETE triggers which is not useful since foreign key constrains kicks in before this time.
I modified CreateTriggerDelete to create a INSTEAD OF DELETE trigger which works OK, but I need to delete from current table in addition to the child tables as well:

delete %tablename% from %tablename% t, deleted d
where t.key = d.key

How to I generate the key part? I tried using @ForRelPk() but it keeps crashing…




Please write us how exactly you modified the code. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if we understand well. More information would help us. Thanks in advance.

Note: In this community, only issues on TDM3 are disscussed. So, please post your other future questions on TDM2 to Thanks!




The CreateTriggerDelete was modified using the Templates Editor.
The modified function can be viewed in the attached file in the first post (t.txt)
The problem is that I want to generate the where part of the delete statement

delete myTable from myTable t, deleted d
where t.myKey = d.myKey



Hello Inge,

Sorry, we’ve overlooked your attachment. :wink:

See our reply:

@ForRelPk( tb , tb , “t.[%tablename%] = d.[%tablename%]” , " and %cr%", “”)

… this, what you commented in t.txt, is generated in template TriggerParentDelete that should be run on line:
@forchild("", “”, template(TriggerParentDelete), “”, “”)

If you like to generate it directly in the script, it should be enough if you write this:
@forchild("", “”, ForRelPk( tb , tb , “t.[%tablename%] = d.[%tablename%]” , " and %cr%", “”), “”, “”)

Please let us know if it helps. Thanks!


Vladka + Mario


Yes, if I replace %tablename% with %PkChildName%, it works by magic :

@forchild("", “”, ForRelPk( tb , tb , “t.[%PkChildName%] = d.[%PkChildName%]” , " and %cr%", “”), “”, “”)

This generates “t. = d.” for current table.

Does it exist any documentation of these functions somewhere?



Hello Inge,

Happy to hear that the information helped.

Unfortunately, there is not a complete documentation on this. Nevertheless, some basic information can be found in the IScript.pdf doc (please see the attachment).

Have a nice day.


Note for other readers: This thread applies to TDM2!
tdm_iScript.pdf (215 KB)