Remembering last datafile parameters in new datafile dialogue


All of our Oracle DBs use OMF, so when I need to add a datafile, it is exactly the same -- OMF checked, size 100MB, Auto Extend, Next Extent 100MB, Maximum size 32767MB.

I could have sworn that this info was saved in Toad. In my last job, I probably added 1 datafile every month or two, but now it's several per week.

Am I missing a Toad setting, or is this an Idea Pond thing?

Rich O'Toadie :shamrock:

Hi Rich,

Hm, looks like stuff under "Autoextend" and the Oracle Managed File box are saved. File size isn't saved, and you have to check "autoextend" to get the stuff under it to load from ini settings. Is that what you are seeing?

Another user brought up a problem with the max size box. Looks like we might have a problem with that here too. I'll check it out.


Hey John,

Almost...our standard datafile max size is 32GB-1MB, or 32767MB. There is a method to that madness, born of Oracle bugs in versions (hopefully?) gone by.

Toad translates this as "UNLIMITED" though, perhaps by rounding in GB vs MB?


Keep in mind that the actual SMALLFILE maxsize is determined by the block size.


Right. Sorry, it's been decades since I've used anything but 8K blocks. :slight_smile: We have set our datafiles to have a max size of 32767x1024x1024 (32767MB) instead of the database maximum of 32x1024x1024x1024 (32768MB or 32GB) for the 8K blocksize.


p.s. "MB" and "GB" here are how Toad references 1024x1024 and 1024x1024x1024, respectively. Which is the correct way in I.T., despite the terms being redefined as "MiB" and "GiB" in the late 90s by some commission. [drops mic, steps off soapbox and runs away from the angry mob]

Fixed for 17.0.

You'll still have to enter a file size (if you want to specify it, at least)
And if you check autoextend, we'll fill in the stuff underneath with your last used values.
Toad translates the appropriate "large maxsize" to unlimited

4194302 blocks for smallfile.
4294967293 blocks for bigfile

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Thanks John!

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Thanks Rich!

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