Pivot Subtotals

Running TDP workbook and have a question about subtotals. In the pivot below, the user wants to have subtotals for PROJ_GROUP but not for PROJ_ID. For the PROJ_GROUP "ELIMN" it's currently showing a PROJ_ID subtotal but not a PROJ_GROUP subtotal. I assume this is because there is only 1 PROJ_ID in the PROJ_GROUP "ELIMN" and therefore the PROJ_GROUP and PROJ_ID subtotals would be the same. However, since the user wants to only show subtotals for PROJ_GROUP, if the subtotals for PROJ_ID are eliminated then there will be no subtotal for the PROJ_GROUP "ELIMN". Is there any way to show subtotals even if there is only 1 item in the group?

We are still looking into this. Stand-by

Actually if this data is not sensitive can you export to excel the underlying dataset and send to me? It will be faster for us to replicate and look at your use case. debbie.peabody@quest.com

QAT-14998 is created to evaluate if TDP could like Excel, add subtotal even only 1 item.

We fixed this by adding an option. By default it will display as it does now. But you will be able to set an option to change this. Enhancement in TDP 5.0.7