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Rename Relation Package from Toad Data Modeler Community cannot be installed with T.o.a.D Data Modeler Version 5.3


I tried to install the “Rename Relation” Package from the Toad Data Modeler Community Page but it did not work with T.o.a.D Data Modeler Version 5.3 . We used it successful with Data Modeler 5.1 with our database with about 1000 Entities. With Version 5.3 the extension cannot longer be used? Or is there a trick available to get the extension work as with previous versions?

Thx in advance


you don’t need to install that package. It is a part of TDM version 5.3. To execute the macro, click Macros | Rename | Rename Relationships.



Sorry, this is not the Rename Relation Package. The extension is called “Rename Relations using new property Short Name”. The Package (*.txg File) is called RenameRelation.

OK, thanks. I updated the package for version 5.3. You can find details and download at:…/367.aspx

It was necessary to change position of the Short Name field on Entity Properties forms.



Works perfectly! Thank you very much!

You are welcome.