Repeatable data loader process...

I am having extreme troubles with SQL*Loader interface. I can make the Import Data Utility work, but then I cannot save it. The setup on 120 fields is too much to have to do everytime. Is there a way to save my Import Data Utility info? or at least load it from something?

Also, is there a good tutorial on SQL*LOADER interface from TOAD? I would love to use it but I just can’t make it work. Love TOAD… just need a little guidance! :slight_smile:


Well… I found the answer that I was looking for so I thought I would post it to help others. I finally settled on the Data Import Utility. I thought I had to key in the setup every time. Turns out that there is a TINY little icon in the bottom left of the screen of a camera. That camera will take a textual image of your work. I captured that to the clipboard and pasted it in a text file. Then I could make small modifications and reload it. One thing to bear in mind is that if you load a different file, all your predefined fixed length definitions go back to default. So, I would change the filename in the text file and then load it and I would not lose those. It seems like there is a lot to learn with this tool, but this got me started at least!

Good luck to anyone who finds this useful!