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Replacing desktop PC - Move license & download?

I’m getting a brand new desktop PC tomoroow morning.

How do I move my license to the new install?

Where should I download from for Toad for Oracle. I am 12.6 now.

Hopefully you received a copy of your license key from either Dell when you purchased it or your internal purchasing/procurement person. You will need that key for your new machine.

You can download the most recent release (12.7) from

On your old machine there is a USERS folder in the tree where you installed Toad originally. This will have all of your .ini files and settings, etc.

If you back this folder up to a network location or a USB device you can copy this back to your new pc after you have run the installation and all of your settings will be in place for you.

I hope this helps.


Hi Mark

I was able to retrieve my key following these procedures I found last night:…/22600

I did download the software and install from a link I found the was the full version, not trial downloads.

I didn’t read your replt till now, so I never captured the USERS folder, but thanks.