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Report reports all entities

Maybe I am missing something, I cannot get report containing only items from selected workspace. After selecting workspace report still contains all entities, relationships, indexes, triggers etc.
Simmilar problem is with functions - but functions are connected to schemas rather than workspaces. Since that I got all the functions of the project reported to the report of selected workspace.

If you can imagine that whole project has about 200 entities, 300 functions, but workspace contains only 5 entities and no functions, you will get why it is so annoying.

best regards

Hi Michal,

From our Help:

  • To generate a report for the whole model, including images of all Workspaces of the model, select All Workspaces from the Select Workspace box. (The Generate All Model Objects checkbox is selected automatically.)
  • To generate a report for the whole model but only an ERD image of particular Workspace, select the Workspace from the Select Workspace box and select the Generate All Model Objects checkbox.
  • To generate a report for particular Workspace, select the Workspace from the Select Workspace box and clear the Generate All Model Objects checkbox.

Note: ERD image of the selected workspace plus only objects that exist on the workspace will be generated in the report (e.g. tables, relationships, views etc.). The report will also contain all model objects that cannot be placed on Workspaces (e.g. User Data Types, Procedures etc.).



I hope you understand the need of reporting single workspaces or single schemas only.
In case of schemas it should be easy because all objects are linked with particular schema.
But in case of generating report for workspace, there must be an option to link some objects to and generate only linked ones.

with regards.


we understand it, the feature we talk about is “submodels” where you could put items from your main model (incl. selected schemas/stored procedures and other items that cannot be visualized in ERD). Workspaces have limitations. In version 4.0 you can find projects where you can store parts of large models as individual models (partial models), but of course there are still some disadvatages, like synchronization of whole model and management of items that should appear in multiple partial models.

Thank you for your feedback and your activity in this forum!



Have some idea: what about drag&drop functions/datatypes etc to workspace? I’m sure I saw such representation somewhere (I think it was Enterprise Architect).

Another option is to allow to report workspace-unlinked objects only from selected schemas. But it may be more complicated as for programming as for users to understand logic relations.

best regards