Can I choose which ER diagram(s) are included in the report?

Hi, I read from another post that Toad can’t publish really large diagrams, which is exactly what I encountered.

If I broke the model into many smaller workspaces, can I just publish those smaller ERD’s and not the main ERD? Right now the only two options I can find in the trial version are 1) publish the main ERD, and 2) publish all ERD. Is there a way to publish all BUT the main ERD?

Thank you!


The trial version allows you to select a Workspace for which you want to generate ERD in the report:

Select the Generate ER Diagram checkbox and select particular workspace from the combo-box above. Image of the ERD of the selected Workspace will be generated in the report.

Note: The trial version allows you to generate image of particular ERD of the selected Workspace, however, the report will contain all model objects.
TDM Beta allows you to generate a report for each Workspace. It means, only the particular ERD and only the objects that exist on the Workspace will be generated in the report. Feel free to test it in the Beta.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.