Reports Manager not saving Detail-Datasets

Hi there,

in v14.1.120.923 i wanted to try to create a new report with the Reports Manager. But every time i switch from "Comments" or "Non-Detail 1" to "Master Dataset" and back all my previous input is gone. Only the query in the Master Dataset is saved.
When i input the Master Dataset, add a Non-Detail 1, type in the second query and click directly on the Pencil icon to "Design Selected Report" without switching tabs i only get the Master Dataset over to the FastReport component and never any detail-datasets.

I used this some years ago with Master-Detail queries but this time i dont get it working. Is there something i'm missing or is there some kind of tutorial i can look into?


Thank you. This will be fixed in the next beta or two. I'm sorry, I don't have a workaround for you.