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report manager - recovering an old report

This is not really a 12.7 beta question, per say, but …

Long ago, in a version far, far, gone (I don’t recall what version), I created a Table/Column/column-comment report in the report manager. Through the various Toad upgrades the .fr3 file has been copied. However, that appears to only be the report design portion. The import is asking for a .TRD file which I cannot find. Has the query portion of the reports always been in .TRD files? I’m just wondering if there is someplace else I might possibly be able to retrieve my query. I seem to recall I spent a bit of time determining Report Manager’s specific requirements for the query so, if I could recover it somehow, that would be wonderful. It doesn’t show up in Report Manager under any of the Categories, though I’m not sure what mechanism stores the Categories and Reports. All I find are .TRD files under various Sample folders. Anyway, if anyone has any insight that might help, please let me know.

The fr3 file only contains report layout information. The TRD files contain everything (query, detail queries, if any, join info between master and detail queries, and fr3 info).

The TRD file is just an import/export mechanism, so once it’s imported, the file is no longer used. At that point, all of the non-fr3 information for all of your reports is in Reports.xml and ReportsParams.xml. So, if you still have your old User Files folder, look for those files, then you can view their contents with notepad, or an XML editor if you prefer. You should be able to find your queries in there.

Thanks for the quick response. I found the latest Reports.XML file in an 11.6 beta_uninstall folder. I’ve renamed the 12.7 Reports.xml and ReportParams.xml files and put the older ones in the Reports/EN folder (renamed the older ReportsParams.xml to ReportParams.xml - took me awhile to notice that difference) and I can see the queries for my reports.

Any idea why the .fr3 files get copied (I always do the Copy User Settings) but, from all appearances, the Reports.XML file does not?

Looking at the code, it seems like the whole User Files folder is copied. What I can say is that the xml files in that folder are not installed with Toad, they are created later after the sample TRD files are imported the first time that the reports manager is run. So I wonder if somehow the older one got overwritten.

Something must have gone astray when the EN subfolder was introduced. I had to copy my .fr3 files from the Reports folder to the EN subfolder. But the 12.7 beta Reports folder did not have a Reports.XML file; it did have an original ReportsParam.XML file. When I install 12.7 GA, I’ll try to remember to check that my reports still work.