Representing a View in a model.

Is there anyway to model a View so that it looks as if it were an actual table? We have users that want to use the Reports from Toad Data Modeler and the Views seem to only show the query that creates the view. I was hoping to find a way to have the View look like a SQL Server table.

Let me know.



In the case of “simple” views (references just one table) that might be doable - but how would one handle “complex” views (references multiple tables). Furthermore how would one handle complex views that have subqueries or other more complex constructs - and not just joins of multiple tables. It’s a far more complex problem than most people think …


Bert is right. It really depends on complexity of the view definition. Simple views can be visualized nicely, see the Videorental sample model and view that shows all view columns:


When the view code is more complex, only view name is shown inside the box.



Thanks for the information!!