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Reverse engineering and do comparison

I've done reverse engineering using Microsoft Azure SQL V2. Then I want to compare it with existing model, but I got diff between existing attribute and reverse attribute even though has same name. I assume it is because not mapped well, but after mapped it, then I done the comparison again, it become diff again.


Hello Septovan,
this happens when one of attributes is normal one and the other is migrated (created by relation as foreign key) . Unfortunately without further detail (ie how the attribute in existing model was created), I cannot help you anymore.

Best regards,

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Hai Michal,

Thank you for your reply, actually your response help me a lot.
After I check on the relationship, I found the difference (see the picture below).

Is it because of that?

Just additional information.
I use TDM to create the first model before I create the database. Then, as the development process of our application, I update directly to database.
Now, I want to compare it and update the existing model. So, I got the same model and I will perform "Run generate change script" when I make the changes on the data model and apply it to database.
I will not doing it directly to database without using TDM tools.

Hello Septovan,

thanks for additional info. I have an idea what happened.
In generator settings, there is an option to Generate Constraint Names and if you've unchecked this, the database created its own names. When Toad Data Modeler reversed model from the database and tried to match those attributes, it failed because of different constraint names (in original model vs in reversed model).
But that's only my guess.

I hope that helped make it more clear.

Best regards, Michal

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