Comparing RE'd models


Having created a REd model from our Oracle 9i db
I generated the DDL and created a database from it.
I have now REd that that db to compare with the original model.

Thinks like DbOwner are being shown as different (they are not). I think the user has been given different ids each time and TDM is comparing the DbOwner of objects by comparing ids instead of the actual name.
It would be more useful to compare the actual name.



Sorry for so late reply.
It is strange as dbOwner objects should be compared by actual name, not ids.
Our developers are verifying this issue.
As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know.



Hello Malcolm,

I’m bringing update from our devs and testers - they verified this issue properly and didn’t encounter the problem. The DBOwners were compared by actual names.
Nevertheless, if you can, please send us both the models you compare for further verification (

Thanks very much!

Vladka + Team

Hi Vladka,

Thanks for the reply.
I’m afraid I can’t send you the models due to the sensitive nature of certain attribute values.

I tried to reproduce the condition in a test db but have not been successful.


I understand.
Thanks for your response.

In any case, our testers are testing version 3.1 now. They will test this issue properly in this release.

Thanks for your co-operation!