Reverse Engineering SQLite database not importing indexes

Good day,

I am trialing Toad Data Modeler version 6.5.4 and am testing with an existing SQLite database, it imports everything correctly but indexes are missing.

Am I missing something? When using the Reverse Engineering wizard, I have the option to select all the objects, including indexes and I have verified the index option is selected during the wizard selection process.

Most of the indexes are for foreign relationships and I can recreate them by clicking the “Index to Foreign Key in Child Entity” option in the Relationship properties window so this isn’t a huge issue but it’d be nice if the indexes already existing in the SQLite db are retrieved.

Hi Alexander,

We can not simulate such problem. All our tested indexes are reversed well. For example this table/index:

create table tab1 (a int, b int);
create index ix_tab1 on tab1 (a,b DESC);

Which version of SQLite are you using, please?
Can I ask you for sending some CREATE INDEX command (and CREATE TABLE command of table with this index), which was used in your SQLite and afterwards was not reversed?



Thank you for your response.

I’m using SQLite 3.17.

When using your test SQL script to create a test db and reversing it, I confirm the model has the index ix_tab1.

I created a small sample SQL script derived from my database containing three tables and an index where reversing does not capture the index. Which email address do I use to send the sample SQL to you?

I was able to reduce my sample SQL down to a very simple example which shows the problem.

CREATE TABLE tab1 (a int,b int);
CREATE INDEX “IXFK_tab1” ON tab1 (a ASC,b ASC);

Apparently Toad doesn’t like the double quotes surrounding IXFX_tab1. If I remove the quotes, the index is reversed as expected. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

According to double-quoted names are valid identifiers.

You are right. TDM doesn’t reverse indexes with quoted names. We created issue TDM-4854. You can track it in release notes for next version 6.6.

When do you expect v6.6 will be released?

It will be in the next Beta version, which will be released probably before Christmas.
I can send you some “workaround patch” in the meanwhile - send me email on