Rollback failure on "delete" statement

Hello everybody, after a thorough search over the net and these pages I haven’t found anything regarding a pretty nasty problem I experienced: a self committing transaction on a delete statement with AUTOCOMMIT: OFF deliberatedly set so.

I lost my data, reverted to a backupped state and started some testing and these are my steps:

1-deleted some records, selected the data I just deleted (no data) then immediately rollbacked the session --> data still there

2-deleted some records, selected the data I just deleted (no data), waited few seconds (20 or so) rollbacked the session --> data gone

The following SELECT @@options & 2 gives a 2 value so autocommit IS turned off.

Is there any strange interaction between Toad and the Sql Server machine? I am ethernet connected to the server which runs Windows Server 2008 R2 and a Sql Server. On another machine, different db and different setup everything runs as expected.


Sorry we cannot reproduce this issue. Would you please provide us more details like video or database? Thank you.

Best Regards,