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Best transaction commit config for MySQL

love toad for mysql (for sql server and oracle for that matter).

I use toad for mysql v6.0.0 to connect to MySQL 5.5 (primarily MyISAM tables).

I am trying to find the best way to configure toad for working with transactions
for basic select and update statements.

The default setting will prompt after a while whether I want to keep or rollback a transaction. I thought my updates have aleady been commited by MySQL. Weren’t they?

So I tried setting AutoCommit off but now when I close the editor I am getting an alert saying you have uncommited changes. I hope this isn’t true. I hope that all changes have been commited.

What’s the best way here?



Just FYI you are aware that MyISAM tables do not support transactions at all so the auto commit setting of Toad does not have any effect as long as this kind of table is used.

Also MySQL does not have any way of determining if an open transaction exist so we have to prompt if Auto Commit is off because we really don’t know if a transaction exists (Keep in mind that just executing a SELECT can start a transaction).