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Rollback of DB changes?

I used to use Quest Change Director for SQL server (apparantly I was the only one, since they have since dropped the product). That product saved the history of all DB changes and you could create and execute rollback scripts for any changes made. I would like to be able to do essentially the same thing with Toad for Oracle. I know I can create a snapshot before and after changes but it would be a lot easier and more efficient if the Schema comparison interface had this option built in. 1. Define Before Change destination\identifier. 2. Define After Change destination\identifier. 3. Gravy would be an easy ability to compare these two saved snapshots (grouped as a deloy). This wouldn’t require a db schema, just creative snapshot file management.

Any help to automate someting like this? I have Dev\QA\Staging\Production schemas for 25 customers to push changes through. Rolling someting back 24hrs later is tough.

There’s no automatic way to generate a rollback script, sorry. The best thing would be to create a snapshot file from your target schema as the comparison runs, and then later if you need to rollback, then compare the snapshot file (as the source) to the live schema (as the target).