Is there a way to detect DB changes between two DBs states (before/after)?

I would like to find out which tables in an existing Oracle Database are
changed resp. which row values in detail. Is there an option in Toad which
let me make a snapshot of a whole database, then perform some operations
(e.g. through Java program or Pl-SQL script) and finally compare the just
taken snapshot against the new, current state of all DB tables?

How can I do this in detail?


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Toad does have a table data compare screen, but it does not compare entire
databases, it’s just one table at a time.

Toad also has a schema compare utility, but it only compares the definition of
database objects, not data. It does have an option to compare table rowcount
– which is not quite row values, but it’s something. For snapshots,
it can create a ‘schema definition file’, and you can compare that
file to the live schema.

I don’t believe there is a Toad feature to accommodate that.

You could take a schema .DMP export and use the Export File Browser to manually
inspect changes, but I don’t think that meets your requirements…

Maybe something around Oracle Flashback could help you out? Is this a production

Toad for Data Analysts (included in Toad for Oracle) does have a multiple table
to table Data Compare feature that will show you rows updated/deleted/inserted
between 2 instances, so that might help if you were to be able to have both
versions of the database available for querying at the same time.

And in the current beta I seem to remember that the data generate is actionable
– so I would guess compare is doable too J