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Row Count

In “Toad for MySQL” every time a query is executed it returns a handy row count. Am I missing something or is this feature no longer available? If the latter then are you planning on re-implementing it?


  • Thomas

Row count is returned. Please refer section “Using SQL Worksheet IntelliSense” in the blog “Using Toad Edge with MySQL Database”.


row count should be displayed in the Info Panel (in the middle of the main upper toolbar). To be precise, we don’t display the total number, but the number of fetched rows, similarly as in table detail.

Example 1 - “Fetched: 82” means that the all 82 rows have been fetched.
Example 2 - “Fetched: 100+” means that 100 rows are fetched, but there are more rows to be fetched. You can get to the next “fetch set” by scrolling down in the result table. It works the same way in the table detail.

To set or even disable the fetch limit, go to Preferences > Data. Play around a little to see how it works.