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Toad Sql Server V6.8.2.9 64bit - Data Tab - Number of rows returned issue

When viewing object details on a table, the data tab only returns 34 rows on tables with more then 34 rows. I have verified that the "Database - General, Number of rows to initially fetch" has unlimited checked. (Row count is 0 and "Apply to editor" is also checked.

Now, If I create a data filter where column1 is not null, All rows are then returned. But as soon as the filter is removed, data is limited to 34. This occurs on tables with indexes and tables without indexes. I have updated statistics ..

What am I missing ?


This seems very odd. Do can turn on logging to see the SQL that is executed for this data tab. Go to Tools and turn on ExecutionTrace | to Output. Then go to view menu and select the output window. Now click on data tab that has the issue. You can see the SQL we executed. You might want to right click to show as output. Try executing that SQL in an editor. Does it have the same results?

Thanks Debbie....

For this test, I am attempting to display data from a table that has 1604 rows yet this time only 18 rows are returned in the data tab.

The Execution trace shows
SELECT TOP 18 * FROM ADRenewal.dbo.PA_ARS_Process Executed on SPID 75:

Not sure where the "Top 18" is coming from.

Instance version is
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU15) (KB4498951) - 14.0.3162.1 (X64)
May 15 2019 19:14:30
Copyright (C) 2017 Microsoft Corporation
Enterprise Edition: Core-based Licensing (64-bit) on Windows Server 2016 Standard 10.0 (Build 14393: ) (Hypervisor)

Toad Options:
Numbers of rows to initially fetch in data tab: 0 Unlimited is checked, Apply to Editor is checked

Running SELECT * FROM ADRenewal.dbo.PA_ARS_Process in a sql editor returns all rows.

Any thoughts ?

The Top 18 is from code completion. If you have an editor open and the cursor is in a position where you might need distinct values for a filter it will execute such a query. I was hoping to spool all the queries that are being executed. There should be more than that from Object Explorer. I can see if I can get one of the Toad for SQL Server developers to answer this post or you can go to support so we can capture more info to debug.

Hi Debbie

I'm not sure I understand why Top 18 is being added from code completion. When executing that same query in a editor window, all rows are returned. It's only on the data tab in explorer that returns Top 18

I will attempt to attach the full output of the execution trace

This forum will not allow me to upload any files... Nor can I paste the text output as I get an error message about " mentioning users"

Can you open a support case and we can get the files there?