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Row limits in output

Want to slect x number of rows to output so I can look at query and not wait for millions of Obs to be considered in teh query, how to?

You want to do this:
SELECT /*+ FIRST_ROWS(10) */ --will only display the first 10 rows.

For Oracle wrap your select inside of this select:

Select *
(your query)
Where row_num <= 1000

For Sybase/SQL Server add a limit statement:

Select limit 1000 …the rest of your query

This gives me “expect something between ‘(’ and the integer”

I get an error, whants something between the ‘(’ and the integer

You can go into the Query Builder and just set the row limit value and it will build the SQL for you. Also you can go to the options under DataBase | Oracle and set the value of how many rows to initially set for the editor. This will limit all queries from retrieving all rows. You can still right click and request to get all rows when you need them. This is very helpful when working with the SQL and you only want to see the first couple of rows.


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