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How to see more than 1000 records

I’m running 28000 ish records and need to see all of them and get a record number of the total. Toad Data Point stops at 1000. How do I get all 28K… and in a reasonable amount of time from an Oracle database?

You should be able to adjust this value under the OPTIONS menu.

Then go to Explorer --> General

Your 'Prompt to filter list after' is probably set to 1000.

The screenshot above is referring to the data tab of the object explorer.

I think you are referring to executing in the Query Builder or SQL Editor. if so, use F9 to retrieve the first 1000 and F5 to retrieve all rows. When building your query you probably do not want to see all rows until you know that you wrote the sqL correctly. hence the preview of first 1000 rows. When done and you want to see all use the F5 or right click and request to read all rows.

The preview rows of 1000 is configurable in the option window shown below.