Rowid and Toad v10.6

I am just trying to query the database using the rowid and Toad is throwing me out of the application. I’ve tried two different tables on two completely different databases. Any ideas?

Is the table and external table – if so there are no row ids

What do you mean exactly by ‘throwing me out of the application’?
Toad is crashing? Something else?

I just tried this query and it worked OK

select t. rowid as row_id , t. *

from test_table t

where rowid = ‘AAAS8uAAEAAAAIzAAA’

The other thing to mention is that Toad will hide the ROWID by default if it is
part of the result set. To make it show up, you can click the little column
selector widget in the top left corner of the grid, or you can alias the column
like I did in my query above.