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Show ROWID in editable grids option, curious work with dual table



Just now find out in Toad (do not know if this was before).

When option “Show ROWID in editable grids” is disabled, Toad doesn’t show rowid value automatically.

But when I write query that has that value in select part (“select rowid, 1 from dual;” or on other customer tables as well) then I expect that this column is shown explicitly.
But it is not.

Then I tested query (with switched on option):
select 1 from dual;
and no rowid is shown … but I would expect it should.

Of course “select rowid, 1 from dual;” work in that case but I expect to have rowid automatically shown without explicit declaration.



When you do “select 1 from dual”, or any other table, we can’t show the ROWID because you didn’t select it.

When you do “select d.rowid, 1 from dual d”, (or any other table) then we show the ROWID only if the option to show ROWID is checked.

We can’t show what you don’t select. We can only hide what you do select, if you don’t want to see it.