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Running multiple scripts in one shot


More often than not, I have multiple scripts that I need to run as part of a test/production deployment or during development. For instance, I have a script that creates tables and another one that populates them with data. Sometimes, I want to run both scripts in one shot. Currently, I have them open in two tabs, I select one script, I run it (I press F5), I wait until it’s done, then I select the other script and I run it. As a side note, In 6.8, when I run a script that takes longer to process, it blocks the entire UI - as far as I recall it didn’t used to do this in 6.7.

Anyway, in my mind it would be nice if Toad allowed me to define a deployment manifest consisting of the scripts I want to run so I can run them using one click. Is this currently doable in 6.8?

The alternative is to define a cmd file and use the sqlcmd utility to run the scripts. That’s what I’ve done so far.


Ok, this is doable with the Automation Manager, where one drags and drops execution script tasks.

good to hear that you have found solution for you