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Combining multiple scripts into one script in Toad Data Point

I am new to Toad Data point, its a learning curve for me. I have created a project in Toad Data Point, in the project I have added folder/file which specify the location of my scripts. This would show all my scripts in toad for oracle in this way I wont have to copy and paste the scripts individually. So my question now is in order to run the script at once is there a way to drag and drop each script from the project into the same query editor window so I would have multiple scripts (using semi comma ; ) to separate them and run them in the query editor page once.
I have tired this but it keeps overwriting it when i drag and drop each script below one another in the same query editor.
I hope there is a way or a key short cut to do this, if it does the job this is going to be fantastic.

I noticed a similar question on the Toad/Oracle forum.

Although the Project Manager within Toad doesn't do what you need, there's still a way to accomplish your objective of appending script and command logic to content already in the Editor. All you need to do is to "name" your script or query code, and then you can use the SQL Recall panel to drag and drop your code logic to ANY PLACE (not just at the end) within any of your open Editor tabs. See short video below.

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Also, have you tried dragging the queries from Project Manager into the Diagram tab of Query Builder? It does work with some queries depending on how complex they are.

Hi Gary,

Thank you. My Data point is currently down at the moment so waiting for it to be re installed, once its working I will certainly try it. Thanks a lot. Seem to be the solution I want.

Hi Dan,

Yes, I tried to drag and drop the queries from the project manager after I added all the scripts in the project manager but it does just overwrites each time i drag another script into the same script.

How does this works with Automation? So, I have been able to export the result, clicking on ALL Results then manually you would click on Export Wizard and it loads it up to Excel as one sheet. But the issue is how do I automate this process? I read the online guide but it only appears to have exporting multiple queries into multiple sheets but I could not find in the guide: exporting multiple queries into one sheet. Please help... I would really be happy if this feature can be automated as we have many reports to export to excel as one sheet. Thank you