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Running Multiple SQL Scripts Automatically

Hi, I am new to DB2 and TOAD, so a complete novice here. I need to run around 100,000+ stored procedures to import data into my DB2 database. I tried to run them by copying into the TOAD query editor, but i receieved a memory exception error. Therefore, I have created a number of text files which contain SQL statements. Due to the nember, i do not want to run these manually, plus operations will not allow this, therefore, i need a way to automatically run all of the scripts. I was hoping that I coupld create a directory, place the the text files within it, then have a sinlge file that i can call which will run all of the scripts in turn.

Is this possible to do with TOAD for DB2?

Thank you in all in advance

You might find something you could use here.…/flow-control-for-your-scripts.html

Specifically look for the INCLUDE command. That way you should be able to create one script that references all your other scripts and then execute that.